About me: 

Klaus-Jürgen Bladt

Location:  Rostock / Germany

Aktive in the net since 2009 (bis 06/2015 unter www.jbladt.drupalgardens.com)

Working Experience:

Many years of experience in the field of machine elements

and of the development, calculation, construction of components of controllable pitch propeller systems up to 25 MW for ships




In the search for creative leisure activities, I discovered the sector of hot-air engines in model construction and the associated, extraordinary kinematics. The 'warm machinery' was never the subject of my professional activity. This is for me an extension of my view of technical problems.



My activities now go beyond hot air engines. Added to this are some considerations in the field of machine elements and regarding 3D printing.



In the case of new projects and products, I usually deal first with the technical-physical principles - as far as my `horizon ' it allows.



Because of my possibilities, my problems are always moving in the field of classical mechanics / thermodynamics, which often brings the advantage of recognizing important influencing parameters.


My findings (not always new, but perhaps differently presented) and the resulting results I would like to make available also to others.


I know and I hope that I will meet critical voices with whom I would like to come into conversation.The contact page `Feedback´ can be used for this purpose.



But technology is not everything. Nature and the cultural environment provide an adequate balance - and also a lot.



                                                                                The construction of this website started on 7 May 2014.



 I would like to get from this or that visitor of the website a brief info on the purpose of using of the downloads